Chris Riederer

(Researcher, Engineer, Person)

__ About __

My name, as you've hopefully figured out, is Chris Riederer. I'm a Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science at Columbia University in New York City. You can find my academic website here.

Below are some projects I've worked on over the years, for fun and otherwise! About me: I'm originally from Rochester, MN. I did my undergrad at Yale and graduated in 2010. I've worked or interned at Microsoft Research, Google, the Clinton Presidential Campaign, a telecom in Spain, an electronic medical records company in Argentina, and the Mayo Clinic. My favorite programming language is Python! I also like R, Clojure, C, C#, JavaScript, and Lisp.

Professionally, I enjoy analyzing data (and creating data tools!) in order to better understand human beings and to create new products, features, and more efficient processes. Outside of writing code and conducting analytics, I enjoy teaching and sharing my experience with others, whether it's holding introductory sessions on the Unix command line as I did at the Clinton campaign or teaching JavaScript in high school classrooms with the non-profit ScriptEd.

__ Projects __

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